Body Solutionz of St. Matthews

Success Story: Aaron Edelson

Aaron is a 48-year-old farrier and equestrian who shows Hunter jumpers. He is active and enjoys outdoor activities, like skiing. 

Unfortunately, his active lifestyle came to a sudden halt when in June, of 2021, a horse stepped on his ankle while at work. Due to this incident, he suffered from a broken ankle and gained a significant amount of weight during the 8-week recovery process. 

Aaron noticed his weight gain through some photographs of his current body, and he was immediately motivated to get into better shape. He realized that in addition to wanting to improve his physical appearance, he also wanted to feel better, be there for his family, and be stronger working with and riding horses. 

His mother has had great results working out at Body Solutionz. Based on her experience, he decided that it would be the perfect place to guide him towards reaching his goals. 

In July 2021, Aaron jumped right in with both feet, even though one of those feet still had a boot on it! 

He started training with a personal trainer 3x a week and got on a meal plan. He admits that it did take much effort on his part to commit to an overall lifestyle change.

The results have been worth it! He has seen improvement in his

  • body composition
  • physical strength
  • mental toughness 

His self-discipline is also at an all-time high and he has more confidence than he has ever had showing horses and is more stable in the saddle. 

Suffice to say, Aaron is ECSTATIC about his progress! 

His advice to others looking to improve their lifestyle is, “Don’t procrastinate. Start right away. The results can be immediate if you want them!”