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The Benefits of Training with a Friend

Working out with others can boost your motivation, confidence, and can help your workout fly by. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of training with your favorite gym buddy.

A Quick Note: Choose Carefully

Working out with a buddy in the gym can be fun, but you’ll want to be sure you carefully choose your swol partner(s) in crime. If you’re solely looking for a social opportunity to chat while you get a bit of a sweat on, be sure that your friend is in the same space (and not looking for a serious workout). If you’re training for a specific goal or you’re looking to give it your all in the gym, find a friend whose goals are aligned with yours.

Keep Your Form On Point

You depend on the mirrors in the gym to be sure you’re using the correct form when you work out, but having another person there who can critique your squats and rows can take you to a new level of effectiveness. If you or your friend aren’t sure about the correct way to do an exercise, ask a trainer on duty at the gym, or pull up a reliable source on your phone to learn more about the correct form. The combination of looking in the mirror and having a friend check the angles you can’t see can help you ensure that you’re nailing each move.

Spotter On Demand

Whether you’re lifting heavy or simply trying a new move for the first time, using a spotter can help to keep you safe and boost your confidence when you work out. Be sure that your friend understands proper spotting technique before they help you through a heavier lift. Don’t forget to return the favor–you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time to pause in your workout when your friend needs a spot.

Chat Through Difficulties

It can be tough to keep your motivation up when you’re going through a workout plan, and having a friend who is on the same path can help you stay the course even when motivation fades. When you’re having a tough time making it to your class, personal training sessions, or workouts, reach out to your friend for the boost of encouragement that you need to stay the course long after the initial excitement has faded. Many people use working out as a form of stress relief, and you may also find that having a gym buddy to chat with about your day as you work out can help boost the mental health benefits of hitting the gym.

Keep Each Other Accountable Outside of the Gym

We all know it’s true: making gains in the gym and changing your appearance and health requires that you pay close attention to your diet. When you have a workout partner, you can reach out to one another to ensure the support that you need to stay the course. Keeping each other accountable outside of your workouts isn’t just about what you eat. Making sure you’re both drinking the right amount of water, getting plenty of sleep, and staying positive despite setbacks can help you take your body and mind to the next level.

Share the Cost of a Trainer

Many personal trainers offer lower rates for group sessions than for individual training. If you’re thinking about investing in personal training sessions, see if you have a friend or two who would be willing to go in on the cost with you–and talk with your favorite trainer about whether they’re willing to offer a lower rate to train a group of you and your friends at the same time.