Body Solutionz of St. Matthews

HomeFit Acquired By Body Solutionz Owner Richard Sparks

Body Solutionz owner Richard Sparks is no stranger to making big moves in the fitness business. Sparks gave up an $80k job to dig into the personal training world. He gave up corporate life for his passion—and started out by training two clients per week for $18 per hour.

Soon after leaving the corporate world to help people get healthy, Sparks purchased Body Solutionz. With dedication and hard work, Sparks crew Body Solutionz into a successful personal training studio, offering clients the one-on-one attention that they needed to thrive.

The past few years have presented challenges to all small business owners, including Sparks. Thankfully, Sparks was able to make it through the pandemic as a small business owner, continuing to focus on client care and safety.

Recently, Sparks saw that HomeFit was for sale and decided to take action. Sparks decided to integrate HomeFit and Body Solutionz into one business. He kept the best aspects of both businesses while also finding areas for improvement. Sparks purchased new equipment, developed streamlined systems designed to create a superior customer experience, and revamped group fitness classes.

Richard Sparks Acquires HomeFit

Sparks wanted to make group fitness classes more accessible to students and decided to make changes that made it easier for fitness class participants to enjoy their favorite classes. Sparks changed up class times in the gym, offering popular classes at more convenient times. Sparks also added additional glass options and onboarded new instructors. These changes added more class options, making it easier for class-goers to enjoy a variety of workouts and instructors during group fitness classes.

At HomeFit and Body Solutionz, clients enjoy a studio vibe, where they feel free to ask questions, work toward their goals, and enjoy a sense of community. Sparks works hard to create a positive atmosphere where clients feel at ease, allowing them to enjoy their time in the gym.

It can be tough to get to the gym, and Sparks works to ensure that clients get the most out of their time. He works to ensure that both personal training sessions and group exercise classes are an excellent use of each client’s time. Sparks and his team work with a spirit of continuous improvement, always brainstorming what they can do to make life better for their clients.

Clients can choose from several package options that allow them to enjoy both the personal training and group exercise offerings, while also taking advantage of working out in a private gym. Sparks and his team understand that the gym can feel intimidating, and they work to welcome each client, getting to know them on a personal level and learning more about their goals.

Sparks and his team are excited about where Body Solutionz and HomeFit are headed, and they’re ready to welcome new clients who are excited about taking control of their health and fitness. At Body Solutionz and HomeFit, Sparks, trainers, and group exercise instructors work to help people feel better, look better, and become healthier in an environment that feels like home.