Body Solutionz of St. Matthews

Success Story: Sharonda Fawbush

Meet Sharonda

Hi ya’ll, it’s me Sharonda! Allow me to introduce myself as Dr. Sharonda Fawbush, Occupational Therapist, mother of a 8 year old little girl whom I call Cupcake, a true foodie, and a lover of Jesus and all things that build up his Kingdom! I love cupcakes and Jesus, but not necessarily in that order. If I want a cupcake treat I drive 4 hours to a special place in St. Louis called Jilly’s Cupcake Bar, ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! You can primarily find me working on my fitness, building my relationship with Christ, or creating a solid bond with my daughter and building a legacy for her future. Anywho, I make goals and I hit them with all my strength and focus! I am so thankful for my progress in weight loss and I look forward to maintaining it!

What motivated you to begin focusing on your health

health in order was when my doctor called to tell me that I had full blown diabetes (12/2020), not pre-hypertension (I apparently bypassed that), and that I had 3 months to get rid of it or I was going on medicine. That was enough of a kick in the butt for me because I lost my dad to complications of diabetes, and I grew up my entire life fearful of diabetes and the toil it has on your health. I wanted no parts of that and so it was then I knew that I had to make some serious changes and adjustments.

How did you find out about us at Body Solutionz and/or HomeFit

I was walking in Seneca park around the track back in October 2020, and I noticed the group fitness class working out in the park. There was a table with information about HomeFit offering two free sessions, and so I grabbed it, called, set up an appointment and…..welp, the rest is history. Shane sold me on joining Homefit. What has kept me at Home Fit you ask? Well the personalized attention from the staff (it feels good when people know you by your name and interests). The unique bond I have with my dedicated trainer who pushes me, extends grace, and answers ALL MY QUESTIONS (I tend to have a lot, hey I love to learn) because Joe is very knowledgeable. Then lastly, the location is convenient to where I go or need to be throughout my week. HomeFit just works for me! Thank you guys for bringing me in, teaching me, and pushing me to my potential since joining in December 2020.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Everything seems like a big challenge UNTIL you do it! The biggest challenge in the beginning was creating a schedule that worked for myself and my child. Being a single mom, I had to rely on others to support my health journey, and I am so thankful for them. My goals would not have been met without my village. The next challenge was finding a personal trainer that matched my energy and together we could create a great working relationship. After connecting with Joe I found my match, and I love our relationship!! It’s so empowering to my physical, spiritual, and emotional health! There have been plenty of more challenges since then but I embrace them and rise to the challenge, from meal prep, to intermittent fasting, to changes in schedule. Once I overcome a challenge I pat myself on the back and say “You doing a good job, girl you doing a good job!” 🙂

What is the biggest change you have seen since you started this journey?

The BIGGEST change was in 3 months, I no longer had diabetes!!! My PCP was so amazed and proud of my hard work. I continue on this journey because I have noticed the weight falling off, the increased energy, and of course new clothes because I am in smaller sizes!!!

One word to describe how you feel about your progress


Over 15 years ago I had the biggest weight loss ever and was the smallest I had ever been in life (except when I came out of the womb, go figure), and I just succumbed to the fact that I would probably be stuck at the highest weight ever in my life because that’s just the way my life was set up. I am astonished that I am on my way back down to the smallest I have been in life, and I did it again with hard work, determination, and perseverance. I have amazed myself!!! I had considered weight loss surgery in the past but I am so glad I went this route instead and just focused my energy.

What do you want to share with others who want to get started but not sure they can?

Believe in the power of YES. Start with simply stating, “Yes, I can do that”. “Yes, I can  start somewhere”. “Yes, I will make the changes”. Stop denying your body, your health,your emotional/mental well being by saying “Naw, I couldn’t possibly do that”

YES YOU CAN! It starts first with a simple, YES! After you have given yourself the permission to go forward, all the other things will start falling into place and will not be as big as that first step of saying YES! That Yes will carry you through! Goodluck. I am cheering you on!