Body Solutionz of St. Matthews


Do you have an event that you want to look great for? 

  • Physique Competition
  • Vacation
  • Photo Shoot
  • Business Conference
Our individualized event coaching program will help you look your best when you need to.

Looking your best requires the right nutrition and training plan. Our Event Coaching will provide you with a plan that is tailored for you and your goals. 

  • 90 day (minimum) customized program
  • Precise macro intake and meal timing
  • More frequent checkins with your coach to help you stay on track

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24/7 gym access included.

Month to Month

$275 per month.
First and last month due up front.

6 Months Paid in Full


12 Months Paid in Full


"Prep isn’t easy, no matter what division. It’s a long, hard, mentally draining process. That’s why it’s important to have a coach that stands behind you, that you can depend on. Richard Sparks genuinely cares about his clients. He takes time to get to know them, customizes diets accordingly and is constantly learning new things to bring to the table to improve their experience. This man is the epitome of a what a coach should be, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else standing in my corner cheering me on."
Lacey Williams

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