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Aaron Green

Aaron Green

Aaron Green - Bio

Aaron has been a professional wrestler for over 20 years. He has wrestled nationwide and out of the country. While gaining notoriety he prominently wrestled in Mexico city and Tijuana in classic Lucha Libre. Later in his career he started as a coach training wrestlers honing their technique and then in 2014 began as personal trainer helping people reach their own fitness goals. He has helped many people from all age groups and backgrounds obtain a fitter body and lifestyle. He has taught people how to work around different obstacles they might personally have and persevere. Aaron loves when his clients are able to feel good about themselves and know that he has a made a difference in their life by having a healthy body, diet, realistic goals, and mindset.

Trainer fun facts

Wrestled a couple shots for WWE, CMLL and AAA Lucha Libre. He and his wife also owns Absolute studio theater in the Mellwood art center

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