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Richard Sparks

Body Solutionz of St. Matthews is owned and operated by NASM certified personal trainer and performance coach Richard Sparks.

From his own experiences as athlete and coach, he knew personalized approaches were necessary for people to make progress. After years of trial and error, he found a formula that worked for him. When people began to take notice and ask for help with their nutrition and fitness plans, Richard realized it was an opportunity to help others reach their goals.

Richard has an extensive background as an athlete, coach and trainer, and is certified in personal training and performance coaching. Richard reopened the Body Solutionz training facility in St. Matthews, Ky., to give clients a private, motivating place to train.

He and the Body Solutionz trainers work with clients in all areas of fitness, from weight loss and weight management to sports conditioning to and strength training.

Body Solutionz Of St. Matthews

P: (502) 690-8848
E: support@bodysolutionz.com
A: 4050 Westport Rd. St Matthews, KY 40207

Our Services

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Customized Training

Body Solutionz offers customized exercise and nutrition programs that help you get results.

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One-on-One Method

Train in our well equipped and convenient gym in St. Matthews and enjoy one-on-one personal training.

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Nutrition Counseling

​Exercise programs with nutrition counseling and a commitment to helping you reach your goals.

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Family Friendly

We work with beginners and athletes of all ages. We focus on you and your needs and interests.

Our Trainers

Customer Testimonials

Ryan RansdellGoogle

Really really like the personal touch here !!!! Richard is a really knowledgeable trainer and nutritionist. This is a top notch solution for losing fat/ gaining muscle and keeping it. They will work with you on diet / workout plans that are custom to you as an individual / not some generic template of a plan.

Mohammad Ali IsmailGoogle

Usually don't do reviews but this one is well deserving of it. I spent a lot of time looking for a personal trainer before stumbling upon Richard. He is really and amazing trainer and has a clear plan to help you accomplish your goals. In less than a month of my training with him I began to lose bad weight and feel much more energetic throughout the day. He's flexible with his timings whenever possible and really goes the extra mile to help. You would be hard pressed to find a better trainer than Richard. If you don't believe me, he offers three free sessions so you have nothing to lose!!

Chris SpoelkerGoogle

Richard Sparks is an amazing guy that really cares for his clients. He takes the time to listen to your goals and customize your workouts accordingly. He is very knowledgeable and it shows! I wouldn't go to any other personal training gym! Try one workout with him and you will want to come back, I promise.

Diane HamptonGoogle

I have trained with Richard Sparks for 3 years now. I have worked through several surgeries with him. I have recovered quickly from each thanks to his knowledge and working within the boundaries of what I could do before surgery and after surgery. I enjoy the sessions, he is personable as are the other trainers. I still have lots of room to improve but I have kept at it due to my trainer.

Tyler OhlmannGoogle

Body solutionz personal training is awesome! The trainers there are knowledgeable and friendly and can easily create a program to help you reach your desired goals, whatever they may be. People of all body types and athletic abilities are more than welcome here and everyone is treated with respect. Roger has been great and has helped me add 13 lbs of muscle in a month. Love this place!

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