Body Solutionz of St. Matthews provides a comprehensive approach to fitness and nutrition, focusing equally on diet and exercise.

Train one-on-one in the private Body Solutionz facility in St. Matthews or receive online coaching from anywhere in the world. Learn proper techniques, gain motivation, and receive nutrition guidance. Benefit from strength training, functional training and/or cardiovascular conditioning to meet your goals.

Body Solutionz will teach you how to properly combine macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) to maximize your muscle gain and/or fat loss. We can teach you how to most effectively incorporate cardio and weight training to receive maximum benefits from efficient workouts, so that you are not spending needless hours at the gym.

We can also advise you on how to properly use dietary supplements. Body Solutionz believes simple is better so we tend to minimize the suggested supplements and only recommend those that will TRULY provide benefits to your overall plan.

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Customized Training

Body Solutionz offers customized exercise and nutrition programs that help you get results.

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One-on-One Method

Train in our well equipped and convenient gym in St. Matthews and enjoy one-on-one personal training.

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Nutrition Counseling

​Exercise programs with nutrition counseling and a commitment to helping you reach your goals.

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Family Friendly

We work with beginners and athletes of all ages. We focus on you and your needs and interests.

Our Philosophy

Body Solutionz believes in a balanced diet and exercise program that can be used for general fat loss or weight/muscle gain.

What makes us unique is that the diets we create are completely customized to each individual client; there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to losing weight or getting in shape. There are no meals to buy and no weird diets to follow.

Each client receives an individual assessment. A complete nutrition and fitness plan is based on your goals, activity level, body type and age. Then Body Solutionz works with you to ensure you are meeting your goals. We believe that communication, support, and accountability are KEYS to SUCCESS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do only personal training?

We offer personal training, nutritional counseling, youth sports training, and other services, both in person and online.  Personal training is done at Body Solutionz of St. Matthews, 4050 Westport Road, in St. Matthews.

What can I expect during training?

Your time in the gym is determined by your personal fitness goals and your level of fitness.  Sessions last 30 minutes to 60 Minutes, following a 10-minute warm up done on your own time before your session begins.  Body Solutionz incorporates functional, cardio and strength training to keep sessions varied and effective.

What is nutritional counseling?

Nutrition is the foundation of your fitness program. At Body Solutionz you will learn how to eat in a way that will fuel your workouts, help you lose fat and build muscle. Competitive bodybuilders and other serious athletes can develop structured nutrition plans to meet their goals. If your trainer isn’t talking to you about nutrition, you are in the wrong place.

Does Body Solutionz require me to pay gym fees?

At the Body Solutionz Personal Training Facility in St. Matthews,  your training fees are all that is required.

Will I need a gym membership outside of Body Solutionz?

Most Body Solutionz clients have a gym membership to allow them to train on days when they aren’t at Body Solutionz for personal training. However, many of the functional training techniques taught by Body Solutionz can be used at home.  We also offer offsite personal training led classes with our partner company.

How often do I come for training?

How often you come is up to you.  Packages range from once a week to as many as 5 days a week.

If I am doing only nutritional counseling do I come to Body Solutionz?

Not necessarily. Counseling can be done by phone and email.

What are your fees?

Fees for personal training vary, depending on how often you come, but are competitive with other area programs. Most clients find Body Solutionz fees fall in the middle of the region’s highest and lowest.

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Body Solutionz of St. Matthews is a private personal training facility located in the heart of St. Matthews. We are located right beside Trinity High School.

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