Joe Palmieri

Joe Palmieri - Bio

Joe has spent the last 8 years coaching the general public on how to grow stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically. He has a passion for coaching all things barbell and gets as pumped when a beginner learns a new lift as he does when the more experienced gets a new personal record. If it’s Olympic lifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, bodybuilding and conditioning…Joe is set out to inspire one person at a time to find their own passion for fitness in their lives and continue to progress his coaching to a level that will serve with a fierce attentiveness to detail and execution in helping each person he has the opportunity to train, surpass their potentials. 

Trainer fun facts

Takes more pride in his children, grandchildren and godchildren totals (the sum of them all) than his lifting totals…3-3-1 !!! Not sure how many kilos they all weigh together.

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