Group Fitness

Our group classes are a great way to have fun while pursuing your fitness goals!

Each fitness class combines intervals of cardio with strength and muscle conditioning exercises to give you the ultimate workout experience.

No two workouts are the same. 

Every HomeFit is open to all fitness levels and provides specific customization and modifications for every class.

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Group Class Schedule

After your 2 Free Group Classes, you can continue your momentum with of unlimited Group Classes for only $119 per month.

6:00 AM – Richard
6:00 AM – Richard
6:00 AM – Richard
8:30 AM – Cynthia
8:30 AM – Cynthia
8:45 AM – Cynthia
9:15 AM – Richard
9:15 AM – TBA
9:15 AM – Cynthia
10 AM – Yoga
5:45 PM – Jeff
5:45 PM – Cynthia
5:00 PM – Yoga
5:45 PM – Robin
5:45 PM – Jeff

BodySolutionz recently acquired HomeFit to add group fitness programming for our clients. Click here to read more about this exciting addition to our company.

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